The Devian Chronicles

The Devian Chronicles

The Devian Chronicles is a novella series that I began years ago and am just currently completing. When I began writing the series, the ability to fulfill the way I saw the story in my head was not yet feasible to produce in reality. Now with the advancement of technology, I can recreate what I see in my head better in a tangible form. Thus, the “Return of an Ancient Race” is Book I (or at 70,000 words, it’s more like a long story) of The Devian Chronicles.

This series of novellas is being produced as ebook Apps, as it’s the best platform to bring my vision to life. The possibilities are endless in what one can do with this technology, and I’m excited to experiment and grow in this arena.

My small opinion in the world is that we have to acknowledge that the way people – all people, but especially young people – read has changed and is changing. Those of us who create stories, writers and publishers alike, need to start embracing this and create accordingly. Writing needs to be more non-linear, more visual and more textured to today’s real world.

People need to read, they still need stories desperately – but we’re not writing in a way that engages them. It’s time to start doing exactly that.

My stories are reflective of this.

“Return of an Ancient Race”, Book I of the Devian Chronicles is available now in iTunes for download. Please note this App is for iPad only – an Android version will be published at a later day. A short link is here for you:

Story Description:

The Devian left the world many generations ago, leaving behind only myth and legend of a time when magic was as common as sand. Magic was sealed behind the Devianling, a powerful barrier erected by the Elders to keep the risk of magic from infecting the common peoples.

Now the earth itself has cried out for help, as a strange and consuming sickness devours both person and creature alike. Askrilt, a Devian warrior, is sent to aid mankind at a time when the land chooses to give birth to magic anew. In the days that come, he must find the companions as told by prophecy and discover the source of reborn magic.

‘Return of an Ancient Race’ is a fast-paced adventure story of Askrilt’s first encounters in the world of mankind as he embarks on a journey to save both our races.