The Devian Chronicles – eBook iPad Add

My first officially published work, authored, illustrated and development done by me. Wow, that’s a lot of work – but so much fun, I recommend it to everyone. Now I’m working on finishing on writing Part II, “Birthright to Magic“, which hopefully will be completed by summer 2016 so that I can get back into the illustrations and e-side of creation. “Return of an Ancient Race” Ebook-App is on sale in the iTunes Store now – here is a link and description:

Story Description:

The Devian left the world many generations ago, leaving behind only myth and legend of a time when magic was as common as sand. Magic was sealed behind the Devianling, a powerful barrier erected by the Elders to keep the risk of magic from infecting the common peoples.

Now the earth itself has cried out for help, as a strange and consuming sickness devours both person and creature alike. Askrilt, a Devian warrior, is sent to aid mankind at a time when the land chooses to give birth to magic anew. In the days that come, he must find the companions as told by prophecy and discover the source of reborn magic.

‘Return of an Ancient Race’ is a fast-paced adventure story of Askrilt’s first encounters in the world of mankind as he embarks on a journey to save both our races.

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