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Loved it! Must see it again.


Can’t wait to go see this show! Gallery was closed during the night, but I’ll be planning a visit in the coming weeks.
Toronto’s centre square! This is NYC in Canada.

Leaving my painting unfinished to go downtown to see the art in the city – and wearing a coat with scarf this year!

I will forever think of Alberta as the place of perfect reflections. Every landscape is reflected back at one in a mirror image.

We were always on the go in Alberta, as it was a driving tour sort of vacation. Saw a lot in a short timespan, which is amazing. Most of my quiet time to draw was found in the backset of the jeep, driving between beautiful locations. Good for later recall, mostly. Here’s a few of those on-the-go-sketches, done in a moving vehicle.

Emerald Lake
Lake Moraine
Lake Louise
Waterton Lake

Elk Island Lake

Alberta has just as many beautiful lakes as Ontario does. I never knew that before. 


Realizing that one can’t take much on an airplane. I’m now thinking watercolours for the trip, and making rough work while there and more completed (oil) pieces when back in the studio. Still bummed about it though; but with the baggage strike, and the rules that state no oil paint onboard, the choice is pretty much made for me.

Anyway, have been working this past weekend with the watercolours to see how this plan will pan out. Just some roughs that i was playing with.


I spend too much time multi-tasking. But my “Potter Painting” is progressing nicely, and the layout for the game is pretty solid. I’ve been sketching it in the background behind the board, so when I get an idea I can just switch quickly between the two.


I love finding little lost books that are old and tattered, obviously loved previously and well-read. Love it even more when I discover that they’re written and illustrated by Canadians. Like a little Sunday treat.


Found where one of my favourites sketchbooks came from!! YAY! Now guess I’m gonna have to pay that speeding ticket I got while last in Montreal so that I can go back there and stock up. These are worth it.


Just sharing a pic of the cards I had made to handout last weekend at the art fair. Still have some left, so will have to decide where to leave these. Including QR codes is great as people can immediately link to the ebook online – one doesn’t even need to keep a card. Everyone should make use of this!


Here with my friend Anne for the weekend (Anne makes jewelry and that’s her there!). 

Located on Main Street, Chesterville Ontario, just south of Ottawa. 

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