Castaway Gameboards Series (New)


Adding images of a few completed boards; more to come. They’ll all be a bit different (as these are).

These gameboards are like all of my work, which can be thought of on many levels.  Everything has levels of discourse and intention.  On the one hand, it’s a reuse of generational items that is intended to bring families together, to provide personal connections and fond memories … that have all ended up in a recycle shop (Value Village, etc.) after little more than 1 use.  Some have never even been opened.  All however represent popular culture, but none are electronic.  Think to yourself – why go to the expense of even making them?

On the other hand, it’s a compositional challenge to paint on these preformatted images.  Not only are they very structured already for a specific purpose, but they are also immediately recognizable in their own right.  Both of these pre-existing realities make painting on this surface intimating, nigh some would say impossible.

That’s what makes them interesting to work on.  And, unlike my series on executive portraits which tend towards a more formulated geometric shapes and patterns, these gameboards are far more organic in shapes and forms. Balancing the colour and composition is more intricate and essential or the final piece just won’t work. Add to that the fact that I absolutely want the viewer to still be able to identify the original gameboard as part of the final statement or painted piece, and now the challenge is complete.

Different pieces work on differing levels. It’s fun and refreshing.  I’ve several more already underway.