I spend too much time multi-tasking. But my “Potter Painting” is progressing nicely, and the layout for the game is pretty solid. I’ve been sketching it in the background behind the board, so when I get an idea I can just switch quickly between the two.


Went for an early morning while musing over the video game that my characters are creating in the sequel to last years novel. I’ve discovered that if they’re designing a game, then I’d better have the game already designed. Hmm. Working on the layout already but the details are everything. Took my game expert and the two bassets along. Maybe the game needs a fluffy dog? 


Just sharing a pic of the cards I had made to handout last weekend at the art fair. Still have some left, so will have to decide where to leave these. Including QR codes is great as people can immediately link to the ebook online – one doesn’t even need to keep a card. Everyone should make use of this!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.51.52 PM

So excited to say that the Made for iTunes version of “Secrets & Symbols” novel is live in the iBooks Store in iTunes!  This is the version that I’ve always seen from the beginning – for example, each of the 21 chapters opens with a short video, which sets the tone for the chapter. Every image is interactive – I think it’s really exciting what one can do today with the technology that’s available to us. I used iBooks Author to create this ebook and it’s fantastic!

Anyway, here’s the shortlink:

Check it out!


My author page is updated on Amazon! One small step for man, is… well, just one small step for woman as well. As long as it’s forward, guess that’s all that matters. 

J. L. Hoople on Amazon


Just putting the finishing touches into the iBook version of “Secrets & Symbols”. Then next week start into writing book and preparing for spring and summer art shows. 

Uploaded the final frosted totem in the case anyone would appreciate to see the difference between the original and the final short vid. I’ve realized that my blog won’t display videos without an additional $5 USD monthly … what kind of crap is that anyway??!

Final Frosted Totem Chapter Opening

Here’s one of the test vids from last night of the Nest from “Secrets & Symbols” … obviously my vid skills are pretty raw, so laugh all you like (discreetly would be appreciated). I’ll try again in a few days; maybe.

One totem has been soaking in chemicals overnight to facilitate crystal growth over it – and it looks wicked now. Will be for a chapter heading video in the iBook version of “Secrets & Symbols”.


I know I should be doing all kinds of practical, important things (like wedding dress shopping with family), but here I am in the studio playing with clay. I’m in big trouble later, I know, I know … but I’m happiest here … sigh.



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