Alberta Backseat Sketches

We were always on the go in Alberta, as it was a driving tour sort of vacation. Saw a lot in a short timespan, which is amazing. Most of my quiet time to draw was found in the backset of the jeep, driving between beautiful locations. Good for later recall, mostly. Here’s a few of those on-the-go-sketches, done in a moving vehicle.

141yr old House Gets a Porch (I was corrected!)

My brothers almost done his summer project of refinishing the lower porch and recreating the upper porch on our Victorian home. It’s starting to look great. We’re gonna have to refinish one set of stairs, cause the silver from the roof kinda dropped all over them. Oh well. It looks great. 

Now we just need to find someone who can make a duplicate of the little spikey thing that’a missing on the one side, and it’s done! 

6:30 Flight Very Early

OMG my bosses don’t complain enough about these nasty 6:30am flights. Someone really needs to highlight that 4am taxi when booking morning flight. 

And who would have thought some parents actually drag screaming 2yr olds on such an early flight??!? Am I just unlucky? Hint to airlines: its time to start declaring ‘adult only’ flight schedules. They already have adult only communities; this is just expanding on the same premise. 

Edmonton Planning

Realizing that one can’t take much on an airplane. I’m now thinking watercolours for the trip, and making rough work while there and more completed (oil) pieces when back in the studio. Still bummed about it though; but with the baggage strike, and the rules that state no oil paint onboard, the choice is pretty much made for me.

Anyway, have been working this past weekend with the watercolours to see how this plan will pan out. Just some roughs that i was playing with.

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