Church Painting for Auction

Spent the last few nights painting my mothers church for her and my Aunt to auction off at the church bazaar this weekend. It’s really not the style that’s liked out there, but maybe they’ll get a few dollars for it anyway. Every little bit helps … and let’s face it, my baking skills are marginal at best. I’ll make finishing touches tomorrow as gotta sleep soon.

Alberta Backseat Sketches

We were always on the go in Alberta, as it was a driving tour sort of vacation. Saw a lot in a short timespan, which is amazing. Most of my quiet time to draw was found in the backset of the jeep, driving between beautiful locations. Good for later recall, mostly. Here’s a few of those on-the-go-sketches, done in a moving vehicle.

141yr old House Gets a Porch (I was corrected!)

My brothers almost done his summer project of refinishing the lower porch and recreating the upper porch on our Victorian home. It’s starting to look great. We’re gonna have to refinish one set of stairs, cause the silver from the roof kinda dropped all over them. Oh well. It looks great. 

Now we just need to find someone who can make a duplicate of the little spikey thing that’a missing on the one side, and it’s done! 

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