“Video Game Nation”, 32″x26″, pencil crayon on paper


2 thoughts on ““Video Game Nation”, 32″x26″, pencil crayon on paper

  • I get the message that video games are de-socializing the nation (no family at supper table or outside playing, but I’m wondering what the bottom two rooms symbolize. It all looks really neat. I’m just unsure about those two. The colour pallet and detail are quite nicely done.

    • I’ve incorporated the surreal elements as part of the earth surrounding the basement area and also in the sky, supporting a child’s perception of this reality. We backup and store everything to the “Cloud” now, so there are the dreams and wishes up there in the clouds. All our games and fantasy life we like to keep underground and private as much as we like to spend hours and hours exploring them – so these I’ve keep underground, which you describe as the ‘rooms’ beside the basement. Thanks for asking!

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