Free of the Crypt!

I’ve been trapped in the crypt room of the “Da Vinci’s House” App for longer than I care to admit. But tonight I’m free!

Ok ya it’s really just landed me in another dimly lit room, with more of Da Vinci’s inventions. But I’m still excited. When I’m on a break from painting this is where I’ve escaped to … or get trapped in. Whichever way you want to view that, I suppose.

Painting’s just been an exercise in frustration the past few weeks; I’m very discouraged about absolutely everything right now. I’ve been spending weeks on a piece I can’t show, I can’t post online, so why am I persisting to finish? And of course I’ve just seen yet another problem with scaling that had me toss it into a corner again. F$&k.

Back to Da Vinci.

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