Alberta Backseat Sketches

We were always on the go in Alberta, as it was a driving tour sort of vacation. Saw a lot in a short timespan, which is amazing. Most of my quiet time to draw was found in the backset of the jeep, driving between beautiful locations. Good for later recall, mostly. Here’s a few of those on-the-go-sketches, done in a moving vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Alberta Backseat Sketches

  • Hello Jane. How can i not hip hop and hug you. (Simply a reaction on seeing these works )…How i love this….if i could be an ant and keep some parts of my brains while climbing into yours. And trek on your neuronal highways especially when your imaginations sets to explore the unknown pathworks of Art. Some of the ‘spirit creatures’ seems like mobile chandeliers in the sky on which your thoughts are suspended in a timelapse. Lol.

    • You are amazing! I thought of you by the lakes – you would have loved it. The air was fresh and crisp, so clean. The colours, so clear. Everywhere you look nature is reflected back to you even as your eyes try to absorb the first view. And the spirits surround and invade everywhere. So surreal.

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