Photoshop Failure

Well, I’m somewhat negligent on posting again, but just updating now on the results of one of my totem poles. I went through all the steps to incorporate into a stone wall, as per the photoshop process … but I’m not happy with the results.

It makes a nice picture, yes. But it doesn’t produce the results I wanted for the final piece. Final photoshop picture is below. What I needed was a very sculptural view of the totem emerging from a stone wall. What I’ve gotten looks more like it’s painted on the rock wall.

Perhaps if I’d taken a 3/4 view of the totem it would’ve worked better? Perhaps.

But now I’m going to go back to old school … and use a paintbrush. Yep, the wooden kind. It always works.

It’s been great fun though, and I’ll work more with photoshop later. This picture below is a compilation of 3 photos – painted totem, rock wall, hands painted on a different rock wall.

totem on rock wall 2


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