Evolving Stickers – Art Piece?

Just finalizing the last three (maybe 4) chapters in the “Subterranean Symbols” novel today, and it was pointed out that I should be sharing photos of my evolving laptop stickers.  Although I’m not sure it’s really an art piece, why not? I’m working between the iPad and my MacBook Pro Retina, and notably I really don’t like the lousy “I could be matte steel but really look speckled” grey of the MacBook. Sorry Apple, I just don’t. But I really like the retina screen!

So what to do? Why cover that nasty stuff up, of course. So I’ve personalized my Apple. First spring photo …



Now I’ve had it over the spring and summer, and of course I’ve been adding to the cover. The batman sticker came from Comicon in NF (I’d have thought there’d be more stickers there, but nope) and several more like the bugs and even a cat. Most recently came the Twilight, Minions, fish and sparkly things. Photo today …


So I’m always on the lookout for more stickers, and am even predisposed now to want stickers without any “white borders”. Would like to get my hands on some new Star Wars one like that, but so far no luck.

It’s true, someday when they get thick enough to be a proper oil paint base, I may sand them down and do a real painting on them. In the meantime, I now like my MacBook.

Yes everyone, be original.  Don’t let your Mac look like everyone else’s.

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