Creating an eBook: Visual Thinking for Staging

With my days now being spent on structural and line editing of the new ebook, I’ve decided to share some of the other sides of creating an ebook. There is endless debates on whether or not to maintain complete secrecy of a new story as it’s being created; after all, someone could “steal your idea” blah blah blah. Frankly, of course there’s some truth to that. However there is still the hopeful side of me that says it would be really nice to just, for once, help each other out. Share a little.

So while I’ve spent the day embroiled with my characters in a slimy den of mucous (such fun really) in text, on the visual side I’ve prepped up a poster board so that the others on the team have a visual reference of what needs to be done.

Today’s notation – the ebook “Stages” as I call them. These are the main screens or stages that the user (reader) will utilize to find their way around in a book. The pages that list the chapters, or the ‘thank you’, etc – and I include the cover in this list.

Because we’re a group of visual thinkers and writers, it’s really helped to orientate ourselves with references such as these so that we’re all on the same page, whether our preference is visual or text based. Here is depicted the cover and three of the stages in the ebook; all were created as initial drafts in order to generate discussion and ideas. Now we’re moving into a second stage where more final drafts are being reworked as the story has progressed. Some ideas have been tossed out for better ones, for example.

So I’m sharing for those of you who also are looking to create or undertake such a project, as an example of preliminary stage work that really does help ground an individual or team as you progress your work. It’s not a work of art – the handwriting is awful, I know – but it’s tangible reference material.

example of visual thinking reference for ebook stages
example of visual thinking reference for ebook stages


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