Boycott of ‘Timber Kings’

Yet another reason why I don’t watch television – today I stupidly looked at the tv as it was left on all day for the dogs – and something called “Timber Kings” in on.

Where some pompous ass with more money than respect or brains just paid $80,000 for a 1000 year tree, so he could rip it out of the earth, slice it up and place it into the centre of his house.  It’ll be his “family tree”.  Unbelievable that this is allowed to happen; 1000 years old and destroyed for someones profit margin on one side and ego on another. Un f*#@king believable. I really hope everyone single one of the people involved are cursed for participating in such an act.

Humans don’t ever deserve to live 1000 years – we don’t appreciate it.  Can’t believe this horrible program is from Canada.

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