Unusual Gift for Friends Birthday

My awesome friend Anne had a big celebration for her birthday, which included a roasted pig on a spit, barn dance complete with a live band, and a whole lot of friends and family to party the night away. We did get a few strange looks when we asked if it was possible to take the pigs head home … but believe it or not, no one else wanted it? So now that the flesh and fat have been removed, we have a really cool pigs skull (including the bullet hole!).

Because the pig is sawed in half in order to roast it, the skull is in two halves already. Here is her birthday gift, not quite finished obviously, but in progress. I’ve mounted the skull in the centre of a modified frame (ended up being 2 frames combined in order to get the correct depth of the skull) and am collaging photos taken that evening around the skull.

Still have some more pictures to add to the collage of the barn dance, and will paint the cement areas used to adhere the skull to the background to look seamless. Then will varnish the bone so that it will last for years. The final effect looks pretty cool – I hope she likes it! There’s lots of space to include something on the bottom of the frame, as it’s like a small ‘ledge’ inside. Am thinking on what to put there.

The other half of the skull will be made into a prop to be photographed for the Devian Chronicles. That will be a separate project posting later.

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