End of Week One Vacation

So my wonderful first week of vacation is ending, and although I didn’t get to Florida, the week has been somewhat productive. Just summarizing here more for myself than anyone else.

Achieved so far:
1)  2 new domains established;
2)  new janehoople.com website up and running;
3)  website in production now for Studio’s;
4)  1st draft underway of the Sub-Notes story (co-authoring with Seth Giolle on this one, a first time experience for both of us);
5)  app logo design completed for all 3 new apps in production for 2016;
6)  4 boards primed and gessoed for new paintings (should be dry by tomorrow to start painting on). Having a problem with bleed-through from the oak veins, which is weird.

Actually, I feel that I’ve been a bit lazy this past week so maybe I’m making this list just for myself, but in the end I still feel I’ve been a bit lazy this past. Sigh.

Honestly, painting is just what I’d prefer to be doing. But writing is great once I get started …. which takes longer to get started, when one would prefer to be painting.

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